About Colonics

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method for cleaning out the large intestine – a series of warm filtered water irrigations gently ebb and flow under controlled pressure, and i am in attendance with my clients at all times. Privacy is maintained and the bathroom is only a few steps from the treatment table. While colonics are generally painless, it is primarily the skill of the operator that will determine the comfort level of each client/session.

As for WHO need colonics, you can think of this treatment as similar to a professional teeth cleaning- while you may brush and floss daily, a professional treatment complements daily care. Most people these days are unable to eat as they wish, are under far too much pressure daily,and get far too little exercise. Both endo- and exotoxins (those from inside and outside the body) accumulate, especially as we age.

Some signs of inefficient elimination can include, cold hands/feet, bad breath, gas, bloating, dark circles under eyes, nervousness, nausea, depression, backaches, asthma and allergies, brittle nails and hair, abnormal body odor, sagging posture and pot belly, sallow complexion, coated tongue, fatigue,tension,irritability, headaches, over all toxic feelings and many more.
When waste accumulates in the large intestine, it breaks down and can become toxic to other body parts-ie- constipation happens, which can then affect all other body systems.

(via blood, lymph flow and the colon being a reflex organ).
Colonics=water in-waste flushed out.
There is much more information to share- i welcome phone calls and consultations. Please call Jo-Ann at 626 791 3322