About Me

My name is Jo-Ann Savoia and I have a background in medicine, nutrition, exercise training, body work, emotional/psychological counseling and life style coaching. With over 42 years in my areas of expertise, I bring deep knowledge combined with a still fresh passion for my work.

I work in a home office in Pasadena, which provides privacy, exceptional cleanliness, charm and a safe and controlled environment. Each client is thoroughly interviewed both before and during sessions to create a customized life style plan that is effective and honors each person’s time, personal circumstances and financial constraints.

I was trained in colon hydrotherapy at the INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE approximately 24 years ago and have given over 27,000 treatments. I am nationally board certified (NBCHT) at the Advanced Level and member of I-ACT (International Association of colon therapy, professional organization dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and professional care. In addition to a medical background and many years of experience giving colonics, I have years of expertise in nutrition, exercise and assisting people to make lifestyle changes. I am passionate about my work and find great joy in inspiring people to achieve, maintain, and enjoy optimal health and wellness.

Although I have held an RN license in the past for 44 years, I DO NOT USE this license to do colon hydrotherapy, a non medical procedure. I CAN NOT diagnose, treat or prescribe. Please contact your doctor for advice on any medical matter.

My Hours

My hours are extremely flexible Monday through Thursday and some Fridays (with some exceptions)  in a comfortable, clean, and peaceful home environment.

My Cost

Cost is currently, FIRST colonic is $170 with subsequent sessions priced at $140, pay as you go. Colonics are not covered by medical insurance of any kind. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy that is firmly upheld.